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As the director of this production, I want to make sure it's fun and relatable for our audience.  I am very passionate about this film and with influences like Edgar Wright, my focus is making this film as aesthetically pleasing as possible!


I’ve always loved being a Screen/Playwright, mainly because you don’t really have to leave the house. As the writer, my main priorities are to stay as far away as possible from any major key decision making, to keep myself to myself, and to think of a story people might actually be half-interested in. I’m also a part of the Lighting Team, which is okay. Nothing special. It pays the bills.


With several years of experience, I know that producing is where my heart lies.  Having produced several short films before, I understand the role and demands extremely well.  I am excited to be working on this new project and cannot wait to get to work with such an amazing crew!


Having produced several productions, I am very excited to be involved in this project.  I know there are many challenges to come but with the experience I have and the great team behind us, we will make this a great film!


As DoP, I will work with the director to make this film as authentically and visually pleasing as possible. My main visual inspirations are blade runner 2049, Scott Pilgrim Vs. the world and 500 days of Summer. I am very enthusiastic about this project and will be using the Steadicam to get the fluid movement shots to make the film flow as smoothly as possible.


I believe sound is used to create mood, advance the plot and make a fictional world more believable!  Sound shapes a film and I want to create a visceral soundscape to compliment our stunning visuals!



As editor for About That Girl, I am working closely with the DoP and director to look at fast quick cuts mixed with long takes to really tell the story of our characters and insert the audience into the world of our film.


I am the production designer for About That Girl. I think production design is a very important, yet underappreciated part of storytelling. I will be aiming to draw the viewer into to the world and lives of our characters and really make the story feel believable.



Hi I'm Shayan and I am the sound recordist for About That Girl.  I love being on set, it's where I feel most comfortable and love being around the camera.  I'm very comfortable with my role and have great experience in sound recording.