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Emerging from the suburbs of Hatfield, The Frog and The Snail became one of the breakout bands of 2018, with their unique blend of quirk, rock, indie and spoken word. The 2 piece of Matt and Kieran became a hit with crowds almost instantly, as they worked they way up from playing small time pubs and retirement homes, to bearing their souls to the sold out crowds at Wembley, all in the space of around 10 months. I know right.




The boys both enjoyed success with previous bands, with Matt starring in his 5 man rap/boyband “Chicken and Rice”. Despite moderate success, the rap/boyband fell apart due to Matt’s constant obsession with using actual chickens for instruments. Kieran meanwhile was off as the lyricist / backing for “Candy”, although had to leave due to creative differences. Candy no longer exist.


As though it was written in the stars, the duo was formed purely by chance after Kieran moved into the house share where Matt was currently residing. The 2 soon began writing together, with the pair both agreeing on the moment where the band was formed, that being when Matt gave Kieran that famous tambourine for Christmas. Yes that same tambourine from the Granny and Cocaine scandal.



The boys spread word of their music by releasing their tracks free on all social media’s, with Matt famously once saying “money’s for bankers, music is for everyone”. Kieran still strongly disagrees with this sentiment. Their big break then came in the form of Amphibian Records, a label known for nothing. The move paid off, with their official debut hit “Romance Is For Idiots” topping the “interesting to listen to but not really sure what genre this is” charts.



The duo have garnered high success in the recent months, with their second track “Whelmed”, a song about being perfectly okay and nothing else, doubling the sales of “Romance”.  The boys have performed to audiences in America, and are currently gearing up for the release of their full EP, which includes the highly anticapted spoken word symphony “The Spoken Word Symphony of Sergeant Sausage”.